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Jumana's Transformational Coaching was formed out of a sheer passion to unlock human potential based on the belief that every soul is whole, creative and resourceful. She invests in partnering with individuals to help them turn challenges into opportunities for growth leading to a purposeful and fulfilling existence. Jumana's founding organization transform clients by helping to achieve real, sustainable results giving them the opportunity to be at the cause of all great things they want to experience in life.

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About Jumana Parveen The Founder of JTC

Experienced and qualified Transformational Coach, Mentor and Trainer with an inveterate passion for positively transforming human beings. Although a high performer in my corporate career, I felt a part of life yearning for more fulfillment. I am deeply intrigued by human behavior, inquisitive about patterns that impact thoughts and subsequently probing the rationale behind actions. As a personal growth enthusiast for two decades, I stumbled upon life coaching as an organic process to tap into my highest potential.


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